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CrobialCoat CCK250-NG Small Kit – Antimicrobial

$187.50 incl. GST

Product Code: CCK250-NG
Antimicrobial Protective Clear Coating Kit for metals and hard plastics
Contains 250mL of CrobialCoat to cover 1 coat to 5 square metres.   This is the coating for highly touched items to inhibit bacterial growth and control tarnish and corrosion – jewellery, silverware, utensils, stainless shower trays, door handles, lift buttons etc.
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The CCK250-NG Antibacterial Clear Coating kit contains 250mL of CrobialCoat natural gloss coating.
Coverage is one (1) coat to five (5) square metres.
Coat metals, hard plastic and fibreglass surfaces to control tarnish and corrosion while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mould with silver-ion antimicrobial technology.

CrobialCoat is a clear tough coating to protect hard surfaces from bacteria, mould and oxidation. Controls rust, tea staining, tarnish & corrosion on stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, copper, brass, silver, hard plastics, fibreglass & more. Will also lock in a desired patina. No more smudgy fingerprints with coated surfaces more hygenic and so much easier to clean. Food safe when cured and heat resistant.

CrobialCoat combines our ProtectaClear natural gloss coating with silver-ion antimicrobial technology that helps prevent the growth of bacteria on all coated surfaces. 99% of bacteria are gone within 24 hours.
Apply one (1) coat for antimicrobial protection. Apply extra coats according to the instructions if metals require tarnish, corrosion, rust protection. CrobialCoat can also be applied over ProtectaClear coating for antimicrobial protection.

Ideal Kit size for medium sized projects, jewellery, silverware, door hardware etc.

How many coats are needed by metal/item type?  Find out here
CrobialCoat has an indefinite shelf life when stored in its screw top can; so when a maintenance coat is required your stored coating can be used many years later.

Kit Contents

1 x 250 mL can CrobialCoat Coating – Natural Gloss
1 x 100 mL bottle EZPREP Concentrate – Cleaner/Neutraliser
1 x Soft sponge/scrubber for cleaning/neutralising with EZPREP
1 x Microfibre Cloth to help dry surface after rinsing off EZPREP
1 x Clearcoat round white Applicator Pad to apply coating
Use Applicator Pad to coat wide panels, railings, cylindrical items. Wear a nitrile glove when using the Pad.
1 x Compatible 25mm Paint Brush – Use paint brush for coating narrow profiles
1 x Pair Nitrile Powder-free Gloves – Wear to apply coating with Applicator Pad. Also
wear to protect
bare metals from fingerprints which contain acid when using EZPREP.
1 x Instructions and Safety Data Sheet – READ ALL INFORMATION
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Antibacterial clear coating kit for metals, plastics, fibreglass 


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