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Product Info

Product Information

Which Coating?

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Which clear coating to protect Metals and Fibreglass?

Acid Neutraliser, Cleaners & Polish

EzPrep Cleaner/Neutraliser

Supplied in Kits & avail. separately

EZPrep Cleaning and Neutralising Concentrate to clean and remove acid traces from metals

Copper Cleaning Gel

Available as an optional extra

Everbrite's Copper Cleaning Gel to remove old tarnish - environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors too.

Stainless Steel Rust Remover

Available as an optional extra

Everbrite's stainless steel rust remover - safe to use and environmentally friendly

Midas Touch Polish

Available as an optional extra

Metal Polishing Cream

Application Tools & Accessories

Protecting exterior surfaces from New Zealand's harsh UV conditions.

It is well known that New Zealand’s (and Australia’s) uniquely harsh climates with high UV light make exterior weatherproofing and colour protection a challenge.

With most of our populations residing close to the coastline and relentless UV light; there is a continual fight against nature to protect materials against corrosion, rust, tarnish and colour fade.

Everbrite’s range of DIY coatings for painted, powder-coated, anodised and bare metals, hardwood, fibreglass and ceramics provide corrosion and UV protection.

The 'Everbrite Advantage'

No other DIY clear coating of its type can match the longevity of an Everbrite coating.

A surface coated with an Everbrite coating can be maintained indefinitely and should not need to be removed when the instructions are followed.  Just apply a maintenance coat straight over the top of the pre-coated surface to destroy any rising oxidation and it disappears. 

With other clear coatings this is not possible.

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