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Maintenance Info


The 'Everbrite Coatings Maintenance Advantage'

Everbrite is the clear winner when it comes to ongoing maintenance. It has an advantage over all other clear protective metal coatings because when a maintenance recoat is required there is no surface preparation other than the precoated surface being clean and dry.

The Everbrite Coatings Maintenance Advantage surpasses all other metal coatings of its type because an Everbrite coated surface can be maintained indefinitely without any need for specialist intervention or removal of the previous coats. 


Before a recoat an Everbrite pre-coated surface only needs to be cleaned using a mild soap and water and then rinsed well with clean water to remove dirt and grime. No sanding or other preparation is required unless many years have passed after a maintenance recoat was first due.


Because Everbrite coatings are self annealing this means that maintenance coats can be applied directly over the pre-coated surface while adding more anti-oxidants and UV filters and stabilisers to further protect the surface from corrosion and colour fade for years to come.


For all the details link toThe Everbrite Advantage’

Surface Types

Select the Surface Type to be maintained

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Coloured Metals

      • Powder Coated Metals
      • Anodised Metals
      • Painted Surfaces

Bare Smooth Metals

      • Aluminium
      • Brass
      • Bronze
      • Copper 
      • Gold Plate
      • Silver
      • Stainless Steel


Rusted metals

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