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Bare Aluminium

Bare Aluminium

Coat and protect bare aluminium from corrosion and sun fade caused by UV light, salt water, chlorine, bird droppings and other damaging chemicals

You can now coat and protect bare aluminium surfaces to stay looking like brand new. Use our coatings to protect bare aluminium from oxidation and corrosion which causes aluminium to look dull and flat.

Our coatings are easy to apply, scratch-resistant and clear.  ProtectaClear keeps the aluminium surfaces looking smooth and shiny. 

Which protective coating do you need?

We offer three (3) different coatings to suit the different types of aluminium and for different types of uses.

Available in either Natural Gloss or Satin finishes.

Everbrite™ Protective Coating

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Satin Kits

ProtectaClear Coating

  • High Shine Aluminium 
  • Automotive Rims and Wheels 
  • Marine Boat Surfaces
  • Aluminium Grills
  • Aluminium Auto Surfaces 

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Natural Gloss Kits 

Satin Kits


  • Aluminium Cleanliness:
  • Aluminium Handles
  • Aluminium Fixtures
  • Aluminium Appliances
  • Aluminium highly touched items

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Bare aluminium

Coat and Protect Bare Aluminium Boats

This old ‘tinny’ was brought back to look like new again. The flat, dull surface made the boat look old and uncared for.

To make it shiny again the owner sanded it back to how he wanted it to look, and then applied three (3) coats of ProtectaClear.

With a pencil hardness of H8, ProtectaClear coating is a toughie being 4 x more scratch resistant than other polymer coatings.

No more battling with salt water spotting the surface.

Restore and then coat bare aluminium boats with ProtectaClear
Restore and then coat bare aluminium boats with ProtectaClear

Tour boat Operators, and Fishing Charter Operators use ProtectaClear to coat their bare aluminium boats. They report that they no longer suffer from blotchy yellowing around the cowlings which really look bad.  The transom and gunnels stay looking absolutely beautiful after exposure to the salt water and diesel fumes.

Simply wash and dry at the end of the day.  Aluminium boats coated in ProtectaClear makes cleaning the saltwater from their vessels much easier. 

Coat and Protect Bare Aluminium Yacht Masts

The transformation is incredible.

Watch this video of a Yacht owner in Florida USA restoring his Yacht’s mast. It was many years old with yellowing white chipped paint. The old paint was removed and then coated with ProtectaClear to allow the natural beauty of the bare aluminium to shine through.