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Applicator & Prep Tools

Application & Preparation Tools

Everbrite Coatings Application Tools

Everbrite Coatings Application Tools are included in our Everbrite Kits

This page describes the Everbrite Coatings Application Tools which are provided in the various DIY Kits and their purpose.  Our DIY kits include tested accessories which are compatible with our coatings.


Grey Preparation Pads

Extra Fine – Can be used to remove oxidation and for the light cleaning of steel and non-steel. These flexible, non-woven Prep Pads are a great substitute for steel wool.  They won’t rust, shred, or splinter.  They are washable, reusable and can be cut and folded. 


Used to:

  • Remove chalk, oxidation and stains from powdercoated and painted metals, to clean anodized aluminium and more.  
  • Clean Garage Doors, Aluminium Joinery, Metal Buildings, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium.
  • Help shift stubborn rust and tea staining from brushed stainless steel using the Stainless steel rust remover
  • Smooth off raised rust bloom ready for coating rusted metals
These preparation pads are included in all Everbrite Protective Coating Kits and in ProtectaClear kits  which nclude stainless steel rust remover.
Everbrite Prep pad used to clean off oxidation from old aluminium joinery

Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves help protect hands when cleaning with EZPrep and the Prep Pad.

A glove must be worn when using an Applicator Pad to apply Everbrite Protective Coating or Protectaclear Coating. Helps protect hands against chemicals and abrasives. Latex Free. 

Do NOT use rubber gloves as soft rubber will react and become sticky when in contact with the coatings.


A minimum of one pair comes with every Everbrite or Protectaclear Coating Order. Extra powder-free Nitrile Gloves are available from your local hardware store.

Nitrile Gloves do not get sticky when applying an Everbrite Coating

Applicator Pads – Microfibre with Hand Gusset

Included in Medium and Large Everbrite Protective Coating Kits 

A durable sponge encased in smooth microfibre cloth fabric for easy and smooth application of Everbrite Protective Coating to wide areas such as wide aluminium joinery door profiles, garage doors, gutters and around round fence poles and banisters, guttering etc. 

Comes complete with hand gusset for hand grip for application of Everbrite Protective Coating. 

Applicator Pads – Clear Coat

Included in Small Medium and Large ProtectaClear Kits

White pad for the application of Protectaclear Coating on wide areas and for banisters and railings.

Care of Applicator Pads

Applicator pads soaked in coating can be protected from going hard by being wrapped in aluminium foil. This is to ensure that the pad remains flexible as once the Applicator Pad dries out it loses its flexibility and cannot evenly distribute coating to the surface.    

Do not use plastic film to wrap. Discard pads after the job is finished as the pads cannot be cleaned.

Applicator Pad with hand gusset to apply Everbrite Protective Coating
Applicator pads to apply Everbrite Coating to metals

Paint Brush  – 25mm

Kits (Starter, Small, Medium & Large)

This is a compatible 25mm synthetic paint brush suitable for applying all of the coatings. This brush is ideal for using to apply coating to aluminium window frames and other narrow profiles.

NOTE: Not all synthetic paint brushes are compatible with the coatings. As an alternative you can use a natural bristle brush with any of the coatings.

Care of Bristle Brushes

Once the paint brush has been used to apply coating you can keep it soft by wrapping in aluminium foil. Do NOT use plastic film wrap.

If the brush does go hard it can be re-dipped and immersed in the coating and after a few minutes the brush will soften.

If you clean the brush with Xylene or methylated spirits do not let any solvent residue from the brush get into the coating.


IMPORTANT: Never use a pre used paint brush that has been used to apply another type of paint/coating. No matter how much the pre-used paint brush has been cleaned the coating will draw out any old paint residue and the clear coating will go cloudy.


Compatible Paint Brushes:

Resene Paints:  The Basil Hybrid 25mm is a premium quality Oval paint brush with a blend of synthetic and hog bristle.

Bunnings: Haydn Decor Synthetic Paint Brush 25mm

Natural Bristle Brushes: All natural bristle brushes are compatible with our coatings.

Other Synthetic brushes: Our Trade Painter customers /applicators advise that the Legend brush is great for applying coating to aluminium joinery.

Brush to apply Everbrite coating

Sponge Brushes – 1″ amd 2″

For narrow profiles and small jobs you can use a sponge brush although these tend to go soft after awhile. 

Sponge brushes are included in the small Test Kits. Extras are available from craft / hardware stores. 

Care of Sponge Brushes

Sponge brushes can be wrapped in aluminium foil (while full of coating) for short term protection. Do not use plastic film to wrap. 

Discard sponge brushes after awhile or when project has been finished as they cannot be cleaned. As long as the Sponge brush is still soft then it can be reused.

Sponge brushes to apply Everbrite Coating

Sponge Wedges

Only used with Protectaclear Coating and provided in the very small Jewellery and Test Kits for small items. e.g. jewellery, door knobs, handles and for touch ups of any missed areas. Discard sponge wedges after each job/project is finished.

Care of Sponge Wedges

Sponge wedges can be wrapped in aluminium foil for short term protection. (while full of coating) Do NOT use plastic film to wrap. 

Discard sponge wedges after awhile or when project has been finished as they cannot be cleaned. As long as the Sponge wedge is still soft then it can be reused.

Sponge wedges used to apply ProtectaClear Coating