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Make fibreglass shine again

Apply our Everbrite UV Protective Clear Coat to make fibreglass shine again.

No more repetitive polishing required.

Restore faded and chalky fibreglass boats and other faded fibreglass and hard plastic surfaces to look like new and shine again.

Everbrite UV Protective Clear Coat in clear Natural Gloss is a self annealing and self leveling polymer coating to restore and protect metals, fibreglass, ceramics and other hard plastic surfaces.

Keep your boat looking its very best on the water or when moored at the marina.  No more tedious and time consuming polishing required.

Your boat will be so much easier and faster to keep clean once coated with Everbrite UV Protective Clear Coat. 

Resistant to salt water, salt air and chlorine. Bird droppings clean off easily. Algae 

Coatings for all types of boats & marine fixtures

Whether your boat is fibregass, gel coat, bare aluminium or painted aluminium we have a DIY coating to protect your boat.

You can also protect bare metal fittings such as highly polished stainless steel railings with our ProtectaClear Universal Clear Coat.

Easy to apply clear coatings

Everbrite’s DIY coatings are easy to apply with a brush, applicator pad or microfibre roller and can also be sprayed on.  Our clear coatings contain anti-oxidents, UV filters and UV stablisers ro protect your fibreglass boat from UV damage, colour fade and oxidation.

Everbrite UV Protective Clear Coat when applied and maintained according to the instructions will not peel, flake off or discolour providing many years of shine and protection.  The coatings self-level to a factory finish. 

100mL of coating will cover 5 m2 with one coat. Two to three coats recommended depending where boat is stored.

Link to Application Instructions for Fibreglass & hard plastics.

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Make fibreglass shine again
before 2 scott


After Scott 2
After Scott 1


Hose Reel Before


Hose Reel After


Before back


Restore Fibreglass Boat