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How to Rust Metal Quickly

How to Rust Metal Quickly

Let us show you how to rust metal quickly

Using our Instant Rust Accelerator you can now rust metal quickly and evenly for a perfect patina finish.

It is as simple as painting on our Instant Rust Accelerator and after one to two hours applying a second coat. Then watch the rust magically appear quickly and evenly over the following few hours.  Once the desired rust patina is reached, neutralise the surface of acid and then seal with an Everbrite Coating to lock in the perfect rust patina and prevent rust transfer and rust stains.

Instant Rust Accelerator creates real rust on iron based metals.

  • Use on Corten or other Iron or Steel to rust metal quickly. 
  • Spray or paint on for a a fast acting rust patina. 
  • Desired finish achieved in days rather than weeks.
  • Can be halted at desired level of rust.
  • Simple application.
  • Creates unique patina.
  • See results within an hour.
  • Brush or spray application.
  • Wash up tools in water.
  • Coverage Approx. 3 m2 (with 2 coats) per 500mL bottle
Rust metal quickly


Instant Rust Accelerator

Rust metal quickly

The rusted patina finish does darken when coated. If the customer wants to see what their rusted metal finish would look like when coated – then wet with water. This will show the colour change without permanently changing it. The more ‘yellow’ the rusted finish is the lighter finish once coated.

Rusted finish prior to coating

Rust Enhancer Label photo

Right side – Rusted finish after being coated – SATIN FINISH

How to rust metal quickly

How to rust metal quickly with our Instant Rust Accelerator

Prepare the metal surface

  • Clean the metal surface of any loose debris, dirt, grease, oil, paint, lacquer or varnich.
  • Mill scale on iron is always a concern and must be removed.
  • To produce deeper rust, lightly sand the metal to scuff the surface.

Solution Application

Varying shades of rust colours can be developed based on the amount of solution applied. Some areas that have heavier amounts of the solution will develop differently.  Once applied, the rust finish will start to appear within 30 minutes but additional time for oxidation as well as more coats of rusting solution will bring out more colours. The colouration and rusting oxidation process will develop over several hours and will continue for 72 hours.Apply the rust solution using a sponge brush, clean paint brush, sponge, or spray the solution onto the surface. We recommend using a foam brush or otherwise inexpensive paint brush. The solution is corrosive, therefore expensive brushes are not recommended. For larger projects, you may prefer to spray it on. Use inexpensive plastic pump spray bottles as these are an effective way to apply the Small finger or trigger pump bottles work well. 
Note:  Because of the solution’s natural corrosive properties, it can quickly eat through the most expensive sprayers therefore we do not recommend their use. Caution: If it is being sprayed on we recommend that you are in a well-ventilated area wearing a respirator or suitable mask, protective eyewear and gloves.

  1. Apply a light first coat of Instant Rust Accelerator.
  2. Allow to dry for about 1 to 2 hours between coats.
  3. Apply additional coats until you achieve the desired look. Apply 2 to 3 coats.
  4. Allow the rust to mature for 72 hours before acid neutralizing the surface and applying an Everbrite Coating to protect the rust patina.
  5. Refer Time line Test above to see the solution developing rust on steel over the first 24 hours using 2 coats of Instanmt Rust Accelerator.

How to lock in the Rusted Patina and prevent Staining and Rust Transfer

We recommend coating the rusted metal with Everbrite UV Protective Clear Coat to protect the rust from discolouring and stops unsightly stains and dripping.

Once the rust patina is achieved, it is highly recommended that the rust be sealed to avoid drips, stains and transference onto clothing or other surfaces. Use Everbrite Coating to seal the patina on most rusted metal surfaces. If a surface gets high use like countertops, then ProtectaClear is recommended. See our Rusted Metal page for more information.

The Instant Rust Accelerator has a PH level of 4 to 4.5 therefore the surface will be acidic.

After 72 hours; and before applying the Everbrite Protective Coating the surface must be neutralized and cleaned of acids and salts.

The rusted metal must be completely dry before application of the coating. Sealing the rusted finish with an Everbrite Coating will stop the rust from dripping, staining or transferring onto other surfaces.

Refer to instructions about Coating Rusted Metals.

CAUTION: Instant Rust Accelerator is toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release into the environment. Protect rusted steel fish tanks and water fountains with Everbrite UV Protective Clear coat.

DISPOSAL: Dispose of contents/container in accordance with National Regulations.