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Restore Oxidised Garage Doors

Restore Oxidised Garage Doors

Protect and restore oxidised garage doors | First Impressions do count.

Everbrite is the best DIY coating to restore oxidised garage doors as it is easy to apply for a perfectly smooth factory-like finish.

Restore oxidised garage doors with an Everbrite DIY coating. Protect your assets – make your property or home look well maintained. The coating is full of anti-oxidants to protect your door from UV damage and corrosion. 

So just how easy is it to coat your garage door yourself.

Super easy. Your kit includes a wipe on applicator pad with a hand gusset (nitrile gloves are also included) and all the tools and cleaning product to prepare the garage door.

For a double garage door allow 30 to 40 minutes to clean and when bone dry allow 40 minutes to coat the door. Yes you can do it yourself easily in a couple of hours.

Why pay more than you have to restore and protect your garage door?

Restore your faded chalky oxidised garage door with Everbrite Protective Coating and know that it is protected from UV damage. For a single garage door allow about 450mL of coating, and for a double garage door you would need 600 mL of coating.

Ongoing maintenance is fast and easy.

After many years apply a recoat straight over the top of the pre coated surface. No sanding or preparation required other than the surface being clean. Like magic any rising oxidation disappears and your garage door is restored again and continues to provide long term UV protection.
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Natural Gloss and Satin finishes available.

Single Door Kits:    Natural Gloss     Satin 

Double Door Kits:  Natural Gloss     Satin 


Natural Gloss

Faded garage doors can be restored with an Everbrite DIY Coating
Garage door colour fade restored with an Everbrite DIY Protective Coating

Satin Finish

Restore and protect powder coated garage doors with an Everbrite Coating
Restored and protected powder coated,garage door using an Everbrite DIY Coating

Applying Satin Finish

So easy to apply Everbrite to restore and protect a faded garage door
Everbrite Coating - Restored Garage Door

Natural Gloss

Faded Garage door - before being restored with an Everbrite Coating
Everbrite Coating restored the colour and shine on this previously faded garage door