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Cleaners & Polishes

Cleaners & Polishes for Metal

Clean and polish metals - Remove Rust, Tarnish, Corrosion, Tea Staining from metals

Our range of cleaning products to clean and polish metals are available in our Coating kits to suit all projects

You can clean and polish metals with our range of Everbrite metal cleaners and polishes. These are specially formulated to prepare metals ready for coating. Please note that these items are available in our Coating kits and may not be for sale separately.

  • EZPrep                  Neutralising and Cleaning Concentrate (in all kits)
  • SSRR                     Stainless Steel Rust Remover (optional)
  • CCG                       Copper cleaning Gel (optional)
  • MIDAS TOUCH    Metal Polish (optional)


Neutralising and Cleaning Concentrate

EZPrep (pronounced ‘Easyprep’) is a highly concentrated, biodegradable, free-rinsing cleaner and acid neutralizer for metals to help prepare surfaces before applying the coating.  EZPrep is formulated to allow for strong and effective cleaning without environmental impact. It is suitable for use on all surfaces and leaves a neutral surface when rinsed well.


As a Cleaner - Mix 1 : 100 with clean water

Mix 50mL to 100mL of concentrate to 5 to 10 litres of water to clean chalky oxidation from powder coated and anodized metals ready for coating.

It emulsifies grease, oils, dirt and grime and can be used as an all-purpose household cleaner.  

NOTE: EZPrep does NOT remove tarnish or rust from copper, brass, stainless steel or other metals. Use Copper Cleaning Gel or Stainless Steel Rust Remover for these purposes. (Refer below)

Available in 60mL, 100mL, 250mL,500mL and 1,000mL bottles

Supplied in out Kits. Also available separately to our existing customers only.

As an Acid Neutraliser -  Mix 1 : 4 

Mix 1 part EZPrep with 4 parts water, apply to unpainted metal to neutralize after acid washing or using acid based polishes.

EZPrep is an acid neutralizer and will neutralize metal after acid washing or using acid based polishes. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

IMPORTANT:  It is important that if there is any likelihood of acid traces (e.g. finger prints)  being on the surface then all bare metal surfaces need to be neutralised, rinsed well and dried. Then wiped with denatured alcohol just prior to coating.


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EZPrep Cleaning and Neutralising Concentrate to clean and remove acid traces from metals

SSRR Rust Remover

Stainless Steel Rust Remover

  • Non-abrasive cleaner for cleaning stainless steel to remove rust, tea staining and iron deposits. Everbrite Stainless Steel Cleaner will even remove thick old layers of iron stain from nooks and crannies. 

To use simply spray on, agitate with a brush, leave a short while and brush rinse off. 

  • Free of oxalic acid – uses new technology
  • Very quick and effective

  • Thick and foams so it clings – easy to use

  • Stays wet for a long time

  • Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny

  • Effective in hard or soft water

  • Does not form white deposit with hard water

  • Easily applied by brush or spray

  • Removes old thick build-up of iron dust

  • Lifts off ordinary soil and grime

  • Removes oil and grease

  • Removes iron stain quickly and completely

  • Leaves surfaces clean, and streak free

IMPORTANT – As SSRR contains traces of acid the metal surface must then be neutralised using EZPrep solution and rinsed well. (or mix up baking soda and water to make your own homemade neutraliser) 
Learn more about removal of rust from stainless steel
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Stainless Steel Rust and Tea staining remover

CCG - HD Copper Gel

Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel

Everbrite™ HD Gel Copper Cleaner is a unique solution which has been blended specifically to remove tarnish and oxides from copper based metals.

Everbrite™ HD Gel will cling on copper roofs, copper walls or other copper preventing run-off. Use on Copper Roofs, Copper Gutters, Copper Hoods, Post Caps, Fireplaces & other copper that is difficult to clean.

It is strong enough to restore tarnished and stained copper back to it’s original copper shine – but is also environmentally safe as well – non-toxic, non-hazardous – it will not harm shrubs or plants.

Comes in a wide mouth container for easy access. Washes off with water. A 500mL pottle will clean years old tarnish from about 1½ square metres of heavily tarnished copper.

IMPORTANT – As HD-CCG contains traces of acid the metal surface must then be neutralised using EZPrep solution and rinsed well. (or mix up baking soda and water to make your own homemade neutraliser) 

HD-CCG is available in 500mL plastic pottles. 

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Copper Cleaning Gel to remove years old tarnish from copper

Midas Touch Polish

MIDAS Touch handles the toughest jobs yet it is gentle enough for delicate antiques.

MIDAS TOUCH Metal Polishing Liquid is a unique formulation that gently removes tarnish, film and hairline scratches from ALL metal surfaces while restoring them to their original lustre and shine. Contains jewellers rouge. 

MIDAS TOUCH polishes do NOT contain any acid so there is NO neutralizing necessary before coating with ProtectaClear or Everbrite. Save time and effort. Wiping with a solvent is still required to ensure proper adhesion.

MIDAS TOUCH handles the toughest jobs yet it is gentle enough for delicate antiques. 


MIDAS TOUCH handles the toughest jobs yet it is gentle enough for delicate antiques. Use on many surfaces:

Silver – Brass – Copper – Aluminium – Chrome – Stainless – Gold – Pewter – Nickel – Platinum – Bronze – Glass –  Crystal –    Enamel  –  Porcelain –   Fibreglass  – Plexiglas – Magnesium –  Dirigold – Dirilyte

Comes in a 4.5 oz wide-mouth jar so every drop can be used.

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Metal Polishing Cream