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About Us

About Us - How we started in NZ

Everbrite Coatings NZ Limited - DIY clear metal coatings

Authorised NZ Distributor for Everbrite DIY clear metal coatings - Retail, Trade & Customer Service Support

Everbrite Coatings NZ Limited was formed in early 2016 for the distribution and customer service support for Everbrite Coatings DIY clear metal coatings; which are manufactured in California, USA.

Our Company is a fully owned New Zealand business based in Auckland – Owned and operated by Heather and Ross Miller.
Heather comes from a sales and marketing background e.g. Canon Cameras, Business Equipment, and ITS Parking machines.
Ross operates his own Plumbing business.

A True Story....

We needed to get our hands on these Everbrite DIY clear metal coatings

Back in October 2014 we phoned a talk back radio show (a home renovation programme) to ask about what products there might be available in NZ to permanently rejuvenate faded aluminium windows. 

At the time no one seemed to know of anything other than respraying with paint. We had already contacted two NZ companies that claimed to offer products or services on their website to restore aluminium joinery and protect it permanently. But after further investigation neither of them could provide us with a satisfactory outcome.

One of the companies offered a paint respray for our joinery for the princely sum of around $15,000.00 and the other admitted that the product as advertised on their website was not really that suitable for joinery, and certainly not for a D.I.Y job.

On the Talk back show I mentioned that I had found a D.I.Y product on-line available from USA; and that if there was nothing here in NZ maybe we should consider importing it to sell onto all the keen D.I.Y kiwis who did not have a spare $15K to respray their faded joinery.

In response the Talk back host (who now hosts Sunday Morning’s Renovation Radio Slot) said “You might be onto something there”

"You might be onto something there" with these Everbrite DIY clear metal coatings

So we decided to try it out.

We imported a can of Everbrite Protective Coating from the Australian Agent (who also had NZ under its wing at the time) and applied it to our 21 year old  green (but very faded) aluminium joinery.  Our joinery now looks like it has just left the factory. To start with we wiped the coating on with a lint free cloth. We cut up strips of an old white T-shirt and made mini pads and it just floated on. We then progressed to applying the coating with a paint brush – much faster. The coating self-levels with a mirror finish. 

Our 19 year old son completed the project over his holiday break from Uni. 

No masking required as you don’t have to spray it on. And you do not have to be a trained specialist to apply it.

Notice the difference when faded window frames have been restored with an Everbrite Protective Coating.fa

We were onto something here...

Being so enthused by the result we decided to apply for the New Zealand Agency.

So it was off to California in February 2016 to meet the Directors and Owners of Everbrite Inc. and while we were there we were trained and learnt all about their products. We are now very proud to be representing Everbrite Coatings  –  the very best quality one pot clear resin DIY clear metal coatings available on the world market.  

Our aim was to make Everbrite Coatings affordable and available to everyone.

We wanted to make it possible for the owner of an average size home to rejuvenate and permanently protect their home’s aluminium joinery for under $150 which is a far cry from the $15,000 we were quoted for a full respray in 2014.

Another very important requirement was to provide the DIY Kiwi Customers top customer service with a help line. 

We believe that we have accomplished that. 

All Tradespeople can readily access our coatings without having to worry about any ridiculous licence fees.

It is now 2021 and we are selling to hundreds of tradespeople throughout NZ who are able to offer a coating application service at competitive rates for those who are not DIY inclined. 

As an added bonus...

Everbrite's DIY clear metal coatings also protect unpainted metals like aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper etc.

The coatings lock in the shine, preventing rust, tarnish, corrosion and discolouration.

Furthermore Everbrite’s latest coating innovation is CrobialCoat 

This coating inhibits bacterial growth on the coated surface for the life of the coating…. which means many years. CrobialCoat™ combines the tough protection and long lasting durability and scratch resistance of Everbrite’s ProtectaClear® coating with Microban® antimicrobial technology.  Our Protectaclear coating is infused with Microban antimicrobial technology at the time of manufacturing.

Everbrite Coatings are welcome in New Zealand because of the harsh UV and being a very coastal country. 

We look forward to making Everbrite a household name in New Zealand..


Heather & Ross Miller