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Everbrite Protective Coatings

Everbrite Protective Coatings

Everbrite Protective Coatings are the most user-friendly DIY clear coatings for metals, fibreglass and other hard surfaces

Everbrite Protective Coatings have extra U.V. blockers and anti-oxidants to prevent chalking, fading, oxidation and corrosion.

Everbrite Protective Coatings are tough, clear protective coatings. They are the best coatings to restore the colour and bring back the lustre on powder coated and anodised metals and fibreglass. They are also the best coatings to use on copper roofs, copper exterior fittings, rusted corten architecture and other mild steels.

Everbrite Protective Coatings protect metals from damage caused by the sun, salt air, acid rain, moisture and other damaging elements.

Everbrite Protective Coatings have a Pencil Hardness of H4 with superb scratch resistance once fully cured.

Available in both Natural Gloss and Satin finishes in a range of difference size kits.

Everbrite Protective Coating comes in different size cans

Why are Everbrite Protective Coatings so popular?

  • Everbrite is easy to apply – User friendly for the ‘domestic’ D.I.Y market and tradespeople alike. Application by brush, lint free cloth or pad; or can be dipped, and for larger areas sprayed on by compressed air sprayer, H.V.L.P. gun or airless sprayer.
  • Self-Levelling and Self-Annealing with a mirror finish – Blends to itself, making touch-ups easy.  
  • Easy to maintain – Can be re-coated with no sanding or priming. Everbrite bonds to itself to form a new one part coating so the surface can be maintained indefinitely. e.g. as soon as oxidation starts to reappear on a powder coating just lay another coat straight over the top to arrest the oxidation and make the surface look like new again.
  • Coating remains flexible – Will not crack, chip or peel and can be maintained indefinitely by recoating periodically. Will expand and contract with the substrate with temperature changes.
  • Excellent adhesion on metals, even highly polished metals.
  • Economical – one-part homogenous coatings requiring no dilution or mixing prior to use meaning no waste. Will cover one coat coverage to approximately 20 to 25 square metres per litre. 
  • UV Stable – Will not discolour or yellow with exposure or heat.
  • UV Filters – Protects the colour from fading under the coating.
  • Impact resistant with superior scratch resistance for all types of metal – H4 Pencil hardness
  • Prevents the adherence of dirt and lessens the build-up of grime, fingerprints, algae, marine growth, bird droppings, etc. 
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Heat Resistant Everbrite™ will withstand heat up to 285 degrees centigrade before it begins to burn off.
  • Smoke and lower temperature fire damage may be easily cleaned off an Everbrite protected surface with soap and water.
  • Rust inhibitors – contains antioxidants to help arrest rust.
  • Non-conductive – reduces static electricity.
  • No waste – Indefinite shelf-life when stored correctly in its sealed can. (Natural Gloss) Satin has a shelf life up to about 5 years.
  • Proven – Everbrite Coatings have been sold into the USA market for over 30 years.

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Satin Finish Kits 

Powder coated & Anodised metals

Rejuvenates the colour and lustre on faded, dull oxidised powder coated aluminium or steel siding, metal buildings and roofs, curtain wall, store fronts, garage and storage doors, aluminium joinery and exterior metal that needs U.V. Protection. It is also Graffiti resistant. Find out more about coating faded powder-coatings…

Faded Garage door - before being restored with an Everbrite Coating


Everbrite Coating restored the colour and shine on this previously faded garage door


Painted surfaces

Rejuvenates the colour and lustre on faded painted surfaces like playground equipment and exterior signage. It is also Graffiti resistant. Find out more about coating faded painted surfaces…

Restore faded signage with Everbrite Protective Coating and protect from UV damage
Bring back the colour and shine with an Everbrite Coating - see the difference

Rusted Metals

Rejuvenates the colour and lustre on faded, dull aluminium or steel siding, metal buildings and roofs, curtain wall, store fronts, window extrusions, garage and storage doors, aluminium joinery and exterior metal that needs U.V. Protection. It is also Graffiti resistant. 

Find out more about coating rusted metals…

Rusted Corten Memorial is sealed with Everbrite Protective Coating
John Taylor Memorial Seat
The last man in Christchurch’s Avonside 2011 Earthquake red zone is gone, but a memorial marks his presence. Link to article
Corten Steel Rubbish bin at Lyttleton Marina protected with Everbrite to stop staining

Port Lyttelton – Marina

Rubbish Bins and Bike racks sealed to prevent stain run off at the new Marina.

Mild Steels

Steel is made mostly of iron. When iron is exposed to both oxygen and water it will rust so steel must be kept clean and dry. 

Everbrite™ coating is suitable for most mild steel projects. It is thicker and works well with porous metals like naturally rusted metal, corten or other steels.

Find out more about coating Mild Steels

unnamed 1
Rusted and mild steel artwork like this horseshoe globe are protected with Everbrite to stop staining and further corrosion.

Exterior Copper

Everbrite™  is the best coating for copper outdoors. It is a thicker coating with UV filters to protect the copper in harsh conditions. Use Everbrite™ for Copper Roofs, Building Cladding, Spouting and Downpipes, Weather Vanes, Capping, Fittings and Outdoor Sculptures. 
Find out more about coating Copper

Coppr guttering and downpipes protected with Everbrite Coating to stop tarnish
Copper dome on Lighthouse protected with Everbrite

Fibreglass & Hard Plastics

Everbrite™  restores the colour and lustre on chalky flat dull looking fibreglass and hard plastics. Packed with UV filters it will protect the surface from sun fade and UV damage. 


faded hard plastic hose reel can be restored with Everbrite
Restored Hose reel - faded hard plastic coated with Everbrite