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Stop silver from tarnishing - Restore, Polish, Protect

Would you like to bring your silver out but cannot stand the thought of having to polish it -  just to have it tarnish again?

Silver looks great when freshly polished but soon loses it lustre unless protected. Constant polishing is not practical and water-spots can instantly ruin the look of your beautiful silver. ProtectaClear® and CrobialCoat™ coatings are easy to apply clear tough protective coating that look very natural and will stop your silver from tarnishing and looking like it is freshly polished. Simply clean and polish your silver to the desired finish then coat with ProtectaClear® or CrobialCoat™ to stop tarnish and lock in shine.
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Which coating should be used to stop silver from tarnishing?

ProtectaClear® in Natural Gloss is the coating for silverware.

For high touch items our CrobialCoat™ combines our ProtectaClear® coating with silver-ion antimicrobial technology for metal protection and antimicrobial protection. This is the coating for silverware that is handled by staff and the public; anywhere people will touch and transfer bacteria.  All of our coatings are heat resistant up to 260 – 285 degrees centigrade. The coatings will gas off at about 350 degrees centigrade. 

ProtectaClear® Coating

ProtectaClear® is easy to apply; you can either wipe the coating on with an applicator pad or use a natural bristle brush to paint it on.

Because ProtectaClear® is self-levelling those brush stroke marks will disappear.  ProtectaClear® dries clear and will never yellow, crack or peel like lacquers. It’s the perfect coating for highly polished metals where you want to lock in shine, keeping silver looking like its just been polished.  ProtectaClear® is tough and durable coating  with a pencil hardness of H8 perfect for items that will be subject to a lot of handling and abuse. ProtectaClear®  is also food safe once cured and will withstand heat up to 285 degrees centigrade before it begins to burn off.

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Natural Gloss Kits   
Natural Gloss Kits with Maas Polish 


CrobialCoat™ is a tough, durable clear coating with the added advantage of silver-ion antimicrobial technology and  can  be used to coat over surfaces that have been precoated with ProtectaClear®.  It is ideal for surfaces where bacterial germs are likely to get on surfaces being frequently touched such as silver utensils and serving plates and platters. CrobialCoat™ is food safe once the coating has cured. Ideal for surfaces where bacterial germs are likely to get on silverware being frequently touched by staff and the public in environments such as Hotels and Fine Dining Restaurants.

  • Silver Jewellery
  • Stirling Silver
  • Silver Trays 
  • Silver Ornaments
  • Silver Trophies
  • Silver Champagne Buckets 
  • Indoor Sculptures
  • Silver Candelabras
  • Silver Candlesticks
  • Silver Tea & Coffee Sets 
  • Silver Utensils
  • Silver Chandeliers and Light Fittings 

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CrobialCoat Kits 

Silverware coated with ProtectaClear

Before and After

Rugby Trophy polished and protected with ProtectaClear to stop tarnishshing

Making an impression – No more polishing

Stop Silver from Tarnishing with ProtectaClear coating

How to prepare and coat silver to stop silver from tarnishing

  • BUFF, POLISH, CLEAN, SAND and completely remove films, oils, waxes and silicone if required. To instantly remove years of stubborn tarnish, residue, rust and oxidation use our powerful wipe-on, wipe off  MIDAS TOUCH polish  to bring back the highest shine.
  • NEUTRALIZE ACIDS – Acid traces must be removed from the surface otherwise black marks/dark cloudiness will appear under the coating. 
  • RINSE WELL & DRY COMPLETELY – Rinse twice with clean water. Dry with a clean cloth to prevent spotting. 
  • SOLVENT WIPE – Just before applying the coating solvent wipe the metal thoroughly with methylated spirits, xylene or acetone to remove any traces of residue and to help dry the surface further.   NEVER USE isopropyl alcohol or turpentine as these contain oil. 
  • COATING APPLICATION – The surface to be coated must be scrupulously clean, sterile and bone dry; and had just been solvent wiped immediately before coating application.

Full instructions – Link to printable copy 

Ongoing Cleaning and Maintenance

After Care and Cleaning
Do NOT use solvent or citrus based cleaners or abrasives to clean the coated silverware.
Do NOT use cleaners with petroleum distillates.
Suggested cleaner: Mild soap and water.

Once coated the coating is easy to maintain. Inspect periodically thereafter to check if/when recoating is needed.

Once coated, the coating is easy to maintain. As long as the original coating is still intact, wash the surface with a mild soap and water, rinse off well and then dry thoroughly and then recoat. It is best to recoat before any tarnish or oxidation is seen or at the first sight of slight color change. The longevity of the coating is dependent on proper application of the coating, its environment, and general use and abuse. 


If the item has been coated and the coating has been badly scratched the coating in that area can be completely removed with Xylene Solvent. The area can then be repolished if tarnish has reappeared. Remove the polish residue with mild soap and water and rinse well and dry well. Then wipe with meths and recoat according to the instructions.

All of our coatings are heat resistant up to 260 – 285 degrees centigrade. The coatings will gas off at about 350 degrees centigrade. 

Wash and rinse the item, dry off with a lint free cloth and apply more coating over the damaged area. It is important to repair the damage as soon as possible so that tarnish does not reappear.

YES – ProtectaClear® and CrobialCoat™  are food safe once cured. It is the perfect coating to seal ceramic and wooden bowls/platters and other hard surfaces used for the preparation and presentation of food and drink.