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Window Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium Joinery Restorations

First Impressions do count. Protect and restore faded aluminium joinery

Everbrite is the best DIY coating to restore faded aluminium joinery as it is easy to apply for a perfect finish.

With an Everbrite DIY coating you can restore faded aluminium joinery and take your property from looking shabby to chic. 

Why pay more than you have to restore and protect your faded aluminium joinery?

You can restore your faded old looking chalky joinery for around $1.50 per lineal metre and it is so easily maintained afterwards for long term protection.

Ongoing maintenance is fast and easy.

After many years oxidation may start to show again. Just apply a recoat straight over the top of the pre coated surface. Like magic the oxidation disappears and your joinery is restored again for many more years of long term UV protection.


Restore faded aluminium joinery with an Everbrite DIY Coating


Restored Faded Aluminium Joinery with an Everbrite DIY Coating

Sunscreen Lotion Damage

Hand prints from sunscreen lotion affects most powder coatings and anodised metals.

 Everbrite Protective Coating in satin finish restored the damage caused by sunscreen lotion.

*** An Everbrite coated metal is unaffected by sunscreen lotion ***

Close up of sun screen lotion damage on window joinery
Hand prints from sunscreen lotion damage on joinery
Sunscreen lotion damaged joinery
Sunscreen lotion damage remedied with Everbrite Coating

Dannemora, Howick

The owners were happy to say goodbye to their faded joinery, especially around their front entrance and patio entertainment area.

 Everbrite Protective Coating in satin finish 

Faded joinery yet to be restored with an Everbrite DIY Coating
Restored aluminium joinery using an Everbrite Coating

Retirement Villages

Years of sun damage and causes colour fade and chalkiness on oxidised powdercoated aluminium joinery

Ross Bisset – General Manager of Ashwood Park says  ‘We applied the Everbrite Coating to all of our Villa’s aluminium window frames way back in 2014 as they were faded and made the units look extremely dated.  I cannot believe how good this product has been in terms of ease of application and the visual results achieved, and would recommend it to anyone that has the same types of issues.’

Retirement Village restored their joinery with Everbrite

Karaka Green - French Doors

What a difference !

A Waikato customer is ‘over the moon’ as she was able to restore her powder coated joinery to look like new again. 

Customer photo of a restoration job on her French doors with an Everbrite Coating

Any colour in the rainbow can be restored and protected

Bring back the colour and shine - wave goodbye to oxidised shabby looking joinery

No matter what the colour Everbrite can restore and protect your aluminium joinery

Every colour of the rainbow - old faded powder coated aluminium joinery can be restored with Everbritee restored and protected with Everbrite Protective Coating

Front Door

What a transformation !

It is hard to believe that this is the same door.

Door's colour restored and protected with Everbrite Protective Coating

Show Sample

A great way to show a 'before and after' is on the same window frame

Visitors to Home Shows are always pleased to find out that they can restore and protect their joinery for around $1.50 per lineal metre. 

They also learn how  they can easily maintain it going forward. 

No sanding required – just add another coat when the oxidation appears years later. 

Most average size homes require a medium kit – That is only $200 to $250 depending on the finish used – Natural Gloss or Satin finish. V

Showing restoration after applying Everbrite to a faded powdercoated window