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ProtectaClear Coating

ProtectaClear DIY Metal Coatings

ProtectaClear DIY Coatings for metals - Protection for highly polished and bare metals

ProtectaClear DIY Coatings are tough, crystal clear protective coatings for bare metals providing protection from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion, rust and oxidation.

Protectaclear DIY Metal Coatings are used to coat stainless steel and bare aluminium and other base metals like copper, brass and silver; and for substrates that get a lot of use and handling.

Being the most scratch resistant with a Pencil Hardness of H8; it is recommended when abrasion can be a problem and for metal that gets a lot of handling like bannisters, railings, brass kick-plates, jewellery, metal around swimming pools or in a marine environment; and where salt can be a problem.


The ideal coating for high use areas such as stainless, copper or brass sinks, counter tops and splashbacks.  Reduces fingerprints and smudges on all metals and keeps your stainless steel appliances looking spick and span.

ProtectaClear Specifications / MSDS

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ProtectaClear DIY Metal Coatings

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Why are ProtectaClear DIY Metal Coatings so popular?

ProtectaClear DIY Metal Coatings are easy to apply and provide a perfectly smooth finish and areso easy to maintain

  • ProtectaClear is easy to apply – User friendly for the ‘domestic’ D.I.Y market and tradespeople alike. Application by brush, lint free cloth or pad; or can be dipped, and for larger areas sprayed on by compressed air sprayer, H.V.L.P. gun or airless sprayer.
  • Self-Levelling and Self-Annealing with a mirror finish – Blends to itself, making touch-ups easy.  
  • Easy to maintain – Can be re-coated with no sanding or priming. ProtectaClear bonds to itself to form a new one part coating so the surface can be maintained indefinitely. e.g. On stainless steel if rust starts to appear years later just lay another coat straight over the top to arrest the rust and make it disappear. For other metals like brass and copper as soon as there are signs of darkening just apply another coat.
  • Coating remains flexible – Will not crack, chip or peel and can be maintained indefinitely by recoating periodically. Will expand and contract with the substrate with temperature changes.
  • Excellent adhesion on metals especially highly polished metals.


ProtectaClear DIY Metal Coatings are tough durable coatings for metals

  • Economical – one-part homogenous coatings requiring no dilution or mixing prior to use meaning no waste. Will cover one coat coverage to approximately 20 to 25 square metres per litre. 
  • UV Stable – Will not discolour or yellow with exposure or heat.
  • Food Safe – once cured
  • Impact resistant with superior scratch resistance for all types of metal – H8 Pencil hardness
  • Prevents the adherence of dirt and lessens the build-up of grime, fingerprints, algae, marine growth, bird droppings, etc. 
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Heat Resistant ProtectaClear will withstand heat up to 285 degrees centigrade before it begins to burn off.
  • Smoke and lower temperature fire damage may be easily cleaned off an Everbrite protected surface with soap and water.
  • Rust inhibitors – contains antioxidants to help arrest rust.
  • Non-conductive – reduces static electricity.
  • Extremely light weight – dry film coating .0003 pounds per square foot. .5 mil wet film thickness, 10 – 15 microns dry film coating.
  • No waste – Indefinite shelf-life when stored correctly in its sealed can. (Natural Gloss) Satin has a shelf life up to about 5 years.

Which metals & other hard surfaces should you coat with ProtectaClear?

Stainless Steel

It is a misconception that stainless steel is stainless.

ProtectaClear® keeps  stainless looking very natural looking and does not look or feel like a thick plastic coating. 


ProtectaClear® is the best coating for stainless items that are:

  • enduring high use, constant handling and abuse
  • in the marine environment
  • around swimming pools
  • in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens

ProtectaClear® can be used on stainless items whether located indoors or outdoors. 

This coating is food safe once cured. 


Stainless steel fittings under the Auckland Harnour Bridge protected with ProtectaClear coating to stop rustingelss

Bare aluminium

Protect Aluminium from corrosion caused by UV light, salt water, chlorine, bird droppings and other damaging chemicals

You can now make highly shined aluminium metals stay looking brand new. Use ProtectaClear® to protect bare aluminium from oxidation and corrosion which causes aluminium to look dull and flat.

Our coatings are easy to apply, scratch-resistant and clear.  ProtectaClear® keeps the aluminium surfaces looking smooth and shiny. You can also use Everbrite™ UV Protective Clear Coat to coat bare aluminium boats.


Find out more about coating bare aluminium..

Restore and then coat bare aluminium boats with ProtectaClear

Copper, Brass - Indoors only

Do you want long term shine for your copper and brass? When copper and brass is not protected they will fade and tarnish. Clean and polish your copper and brass items to the desired finish and then coat with ProtectaClear® to stop tarnish and to lock in the shine and patina on your copper and brass fittings and hardware. 


ProtectaClear® is the best coating for copper and brass items that will be enduring high use, constant handling and abuse; and in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens: e,g, splashbacks, sinks, benches.  It is also food safe once cured. 

Silverware - Indoors only

Do you want long term shine for yourthophies, cutlery canteen or even your chadalier?  When silver is not protected it will tarnish. Clean and polish your silver  items to the desired finish and then coat with ProtectaClear® to stop tarnish and to lock in the brilliant shine. 


ProtectaClear® is the best coating for silver items that will be enduring high use, constant handling and abuse like silverware;   It is also food safe once cured. 

Rugby Trophy polished and protected with ProtectaClear to stop tarnishshing