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Protect Aluminium Boats

Protect Aluminium Boats 

Our tough coatings protect aluminium boats from oxidising

Protect Aluminium Boats from oxidising and damage caused in the harsh marine environment.
Our coatings vastly reduce marine algae and mould clinging to boats and makes the aluminium much easier to clean.

Salty environments and weather damage metal on boats. Protect Aluminium Boats from these elements to keep them looking brand new for years to comeand stop the corrosion.


Our Everbrite and ProtectaClear coatings keep aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and brass protected in the marine environment from corrosion, tea-staining, tarnish and rust. Use on aluminium, railings, tuna towers, trim, masts and other metal to keep your boat looking great with little to no maintenance. 

Everbrite Proective UV Clear Coat

Use Everbrite UV Protective Clear Coat on the Hulls and Superstructure of your Aluminium boat. It has a Pencil hardness factor of H4 so it is a tough coating containing antoxidents, UV filters and Stabilisers. 

We recommend that three (3) coats are applied for ultimate protection.

Use Everbrite on:

  • Aluminium with a standard shine finish
  • Hulls
  • Superstructure
ProtectaClear Universal Clear Coat

Use ProtectaClear Universal Clear Coat on the floor and any area where there is likely to be alot of abrasive wear and tear. It has a Pencil hardness factor of H8 so this coating is as tough as old boots to take the banging and crashing. We recommend that three (3) coats for ultimate protection.e

Use ProtectaClear on:

  • Aluminium with a mirror shine finish
  • Hulls with a mirror shine
  • Superstructure with a mirror shine
  • Rocket Launches
  • Floor areas
  • Masts
  • Anywhere where there is likely to be high handling and abrasion

How to calculate coating requirement?

Work out how many m2 (square metres) there is to coat and then multiply by 3 coats.

e.g. 7  square metres x 3 = 21m2.. Coating Coverage approx. as follows:

  •   250 mL can =   5 m2
  •   473 ml  can =  10 m2
  •   946 mL can =  21 m2
  • 3780 mL can = 85 m2 (Trade Size Can)

The Natural Gloss coatings have an indefinite shelf life in the can so the coating can be safely stored in the knowledge that it will be available for maintenance coats as required.

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Coat and protect bare aluminium boats with ProtectaClear
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