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Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings

Keep Stainless Steel Clean - Protect from rusting and tea staining

ProtectaClear is the best DIY coating to keep stainless steel clean and from rust and tea staining.

Keep stainless steel clean by coating with ProtectaClear. – no more grubby fingermarks and smudges. Great for kitchen appliances. This coating is full of anti-oxidants to protect your stainless from rusting and tea staining.  

How easy is it to apply Protectaclear?

This coating is a dream to apply. It glides on easily as it should with an applicator pad or brush. No brush marks as it cleverly self-levels as it dries over the first 90 to 120 minutes. 

Ongoing maintenance is fast and easy - no sanding required

After many years apply a recoat straight over the top of the pre coated surface. No sanding or preparation required other than the surface being clean. Like magic any rust or tea staining disappears and your stainless steel fixture or fitting is sparkling clean again and continues to provide long term protection from rust.

Natural Gloss finish for highly polished stainless steel and Satin finish for brushed stainless steel.

Hampton Downs - Apartments

Stainless Steel Bannisters and railings, downpipes

The stainless steel downpipes, deck fittings and stairwell banisters on the apartments over-looking the race track at Hampton Downs gets badly tea stained.  Some apartment owners were unhappy with how this corrosion detracted the look of their property.  On three of the apartments the tea staining was removed with Everbrite’s stainless steel rust remover and then coated with Protectaclear.  Find out more about coating stainless steel with Protectaclear.

‘Since this hard wearing protective coating was applied in April 2016 the stainless fittings have stayed looking new and shiny’. Apartment Owner

Stainless Steel banisters showing before and after being cleaned and coated with ProtectaClear
Stainless steel downpipes before and after being cleaned and coated with ProtectaClear
Stainless steel at Hampton Downs Raceway is protected with ProtectaClear Coating

Mason Clinic, Auckland

Outdoor Swimming Pool Filter and Treatment Building

The stainless steel tank suffered from bad tea-staining (rust) in the room where traces of Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrochloric Acid are extracted. ESP Mechanical’s Electrical Engineer Alex Hurstfield had the tea staining removed with Everbrite’s stainless steel rust remover and then coated it with Protectaclear.

Stainless steel at the Mason Clinic is protected with ProtectaClear

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Stainless Steel cabinets that house the Circuitry Board electronics for the LED Lighting under the Auckland Harbour Bridge

The 30 stainless steel cabinets under the harbour bridge were continually rusting over as they were unfortunately not marine grade stainless. ProtectaClear  protects the cabinets from fast acting rust in this harsh environment.

Stainless steel cabinets housing the LED circuitry under the Auckland Harbour Bridge is protected with ProtectaClear Coating