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Everbrite 946mL Can only (Natural Gloss)

$299.50 incl. GST

946mL of NATURAL GLOSS Everbrite Protective UV Clear coat to cover with one (1) coat to cover 180 – 240 lineal metres of aluminium joinery profile or twenty (20) square metres. Ideal Kit size for the joinery on a large size home or a double garage door.  Keep steel looking look. To seal rusted corten or mild steel this can size will cover 5 square metres with 4 coats to protect steel in the outdoors or 6.5 square metres indoors. e.g. fire surrounds.

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Powdercoated, Anodised and Painted metals

946mL of Everbrite Protective UV Clearcoat in NATURAL GLOSS for one (1) coat to 180 to 240 lineal metres of faded aluminium joinery 75mm to 100mm wide, or about 20 square metres.

This is an easy to use DIY clear metal coating used to make faded joinery look new again and to restore a faded double garage door. Protect faded, oxidised powder coatings, anodized aluminium joinery and painted metals. Once coated it will look like new again with the colour and shine restored. Also used to restore chalky fibreglass and hard plastics and to seal and keep steel looking good. Protect exterior rusted corten, mild steels and bare metals like aluminium, copper, brass and bronze in the outdoors.

NATURAL GLOSS is a popular finish for coloured and light coloured joinery and garage doors: Karaka Green, New Denim Blue, Grey Friars, Light Grey, White etc.
You can test to see what the finished result will be by wetting and cleaning an area. Observe this area while it is wet because this is the result you will get when the coating is applied.

Everbrite NATURAL GLOSS has an indefinite shelf-life when stored in its screw top can therefore when a maintenance coat is required your stored coating can still be used years later.
How many coats are needed by metal/item type?  Find out here

Order Contents

1 x 946mL can Everbrite Protective UV Clearcoat – NATURAL GLOSS
1 x Pair Nitrile Gloves Wear to protect hands
1 x Instructions and Safety Data Sheet 

Includes access to our Customer Service Help Desk

Everbrite Protective UV Clear Coat is used to restore and protect:

  • Powdercoated and anodised window joinery
    Allow 100mL of coating to cover (1) coat to 20 lineal metres of joinery that is 100mm wide.
    Allow for two (2) coats on the exposed sunny sides of buildings.
    Do the Wet Test on faded powdercoatings and old paintedsurfaces:  You can test to see what the finished result will be like by wetting and cleaning an area. Observe the wetted area while it is wet because this is the result you will get when the coating has been applied.

Garage and Storage Doors
A Single Garage Door requires at least 400mL of coating – Order an EBK480 Kit  (473mL)
A Double Garage Door requires at least 600mL of coating – Order an EBK960 Kit (946 mL)

Faded paintwork
Shop frontage signs and outdoor billboards

Brass    Copper   (Outdoors)
Everbrite should be used on copper and brass located outdoors.
For Indoor items subject to use and abuse use ProtectaClear Coating.

Everbrite is used by well renown bronze sculptors through the world.

Fibreglass and Hard Plastics

Mild Steels    Rusted Corten
Corten and rusted mild steels require a minimum of 3 coats (indoors) or 4+ coats (outdoors)



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Keep steel looking good


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