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Everbrite Coatings Project Gallery

Building Claddings

The Aon building is protected with an Everbrite Coating

Faded Signage

Restore faded signage with Everbrite Protective Coating and protect from UV damage

Brass fittings

brass bathroom sink coated with ProtectaClear to prevent tarnish and smudgy fingermarks

Brass Restoration

This bronze bell restored and protected with Everbrite

Bronze Memorials

Sir Colin Meads Bronze Statue is coated with Everbrite to protect from UV damage

Copper fittings

Copper sink protected woth ProtectaClear - will never tarnish

Garden Art

Rusted and mild steel artwork like this horseshoe globe are protected with Everbrite to stop staining and further corrosion.

Hard Plastics

Restored Hose reel - faded hard plastic coated with Everbrite

Rusted Architecture

Rusted Corten building panels sealed with Everbrite to stop staining and prevent further corrosionBu


Aluminium boats coated with ProtectaClear stay looking like new with no oxidation

Bikes & Vehicles

Bike cropped.psd


polish jewellery